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Spring Arrivals & Thoughts from the Garden

My garden is now in one of my favourite stages, the daffs are smiling at me every time I look out the window and there are little shoots and signs of what's to come popping up everywhere. I LOVE spring, the daylight hours increasing and time in the garden is getting warmer and more frequent which always makes me smile. Not to mention the bird song, I am sitting writing this very early in the morning on my garden bench, with a blanket, hot water bottle (it gives the garden a few more hours to the day I find!) and a coffee and the birds are really exercising their song and it is beautiful!

oak garden bench with grey woollen blanket and coffee mug, with dappled morning sunlight

With all this newness around I wanted to just introduce you to a couple of things which have been coming out of the studio recently. First of all my Tarka Trail artwork, this has been in the making for sometime now and always seemed to get pushed back by the arrival of more wedding invitation artwork, so since there has been some forced rest bite from painting those gorgeous maps and stunning venue's, I finally gave it the attention it deserved and here it is....

Framed art print of wildlife from the Tarka Trail

If you have been following me for a little while you may have spotted that the Tarka Trail is somewhere I spend quite a lot of time, increasingly so during the past year as it it right on my doorstep. Understandably I, like many, have found a huge solace in nature when times have been bumpy recently and I love nothing more than setting off in my walking boots in the direction of the trail knowing I will be surrounded by the calls of the oyster catchers and curlews and with the added pleasure of not knowing if today will be one of the days I catch a glimpse of a kingfisher or heron.

I have loved painting some of my favourite visitors and bringing them to this artwork so other people who love the trail can keep a snippet of this beautiful habitat in their homes.

On my recent walks the abundance of primroses has been such a joy and it really doesn't feel like long now till I will be able to enjoy the beautiful bright pops of colour from the gorgeous foxgloves and I will still be enjoying the Sea Asters as the September sun sets.

To accompany this new piece I am also super excited to say that you can now find a series of greetings cards featuring some of these studies at both Johns of Instow and Appledore!!! It is a spot I love to stop at during a walk for a delicious coffee and am pretty much always tempted by cake too (I highly recommend the millionaires shortbread, you won't regret it!).

Keep an eye out if you're passing to see what's available!!

Anyway, my hot water bottle is now loosing some of its heat and I think it is time to pop the kettle back on! Keep an eye out for all the shoots when you are out and about.

Emma x


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