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Updated: May 14, 2020

After having a little more time than originally planned this spring I thought I would update you on what's been going on at ELC HQ (which is currently the dining table...or garden table, weather dependent!)

Blogging restart and general natter...

Aside from a few small (unsuccessful) cameo's in blogging, it is something I have never really managed to conquer. But, I thought now might be a good time for me to give this blogging lark another shot. As well having as an outlet for my incessant chatter, (which should please my other half , who is really noticing my addition round the house everyday!) It is a wonderful way for me to communicate with you all and keep you up to date on what's happening over here.

I have temporarily relocated from the studio to home and although I am very much missing my lovely creative space I have taken this time to try and look at things with a fresh perspective and focus some time on areas of the business that I felt could do with some TLC, starting with my website which I am preparing to relaunch once a few of the final bits are ready. I have made a number of changes, thinking of it a bit like a unexpected spring clean... out with some of the old things we've all been looking at for sometime and in with some fresh new treats that are hopefully exciting for you all to see. As well as some new products hopefully you can see even more of what I am about as a designer and the different things I have to offer for you all as part of my wedding services and more. I am super excited to share all the updates with you when it is all finally pulled together, so watch this space.

The situation we are all in right now has many individual challenges for each and everyone of us, but as a creative small business I have found I put a certain amount of pressure on myself to be super creative and get the paint brushes extra busy, and that hasn't always been particularly helpful or productive. I think I have now managed to get myself into a new, more healthy flow, putting less pressure on things and just taking each day as it comes... Some days it's flowing out of me and I am full of ideas, new ways of thinking and working, other days I am really only up for drinking coffee, procrastinating and repeatedly wiping down the kitchen sides!!

I have been running a lockdown art club with my lovely Niece and we have done some really fun little projects, something I am planning on doing a little blog about which might spark some creative ideas if you are in need of any, and maybe you might have some to share with me too?

Now that it looks like art club might be going on a bit longer I am running out of ideas, so I am really happy for any suggestions!!

I am also so chuffed to say the fundraising limited edition print (below) I launched a few weeks ago was such a success, the prints sold out in a matter of days and I raised the full £250 which has been split Mind and Women's Aid charities. So THANK YOU to everyone who brought a print and to everyone who supported and shared, I am really grateful.

That is enough from me for now, but I will be back with art club updates and some other things again soon.

Keep looking out for the flowers that are still blooming everyday and most of all look out for yourselves and for each other!

Emma x

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